Jesús Palos

I'm a new grad from Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin and currently the Academic Officer for the Hispanic Association of Computer Scientists. I'm passionate about creating a better world and improving lives. Eager to improve myself professionally and personally, I'm always open to new challenges and experiences. I don't know everything, but I know I can figure it out when it comes to it. I'm currently cultivating interests in operating systems, security, and full-stack and mobile development.


Software Engineering Intern

Pandora Media

I worked as a full-stack engineering intern. Created a platform aimed at supplying 3rd party developers and partner companies with the neccessary information, both legal and technical, so they can effectively integrate Pandora into their IoT products. I also worked on migrating key testing tools partners need to ensure the robustness of their integrated applications.

June 2018 - Present

Food Service Industry Worker

Papa John's, Steak and Shake

Worked for several years in customer facing roles, effectively managing my time both at work to keep up with target goals through staffing and scheduling issues, and between my work, school, and commuting for the last year. Great experience effectively working in diverse teams and placating unhappy customers.

June 2013 - 2017


PintOS Operating System

C, Data Structures, Memory Management, and Strong Understanding of Concurrency

Expanded the capabilities of a toy operating system. Included virtual memory, threads and user program support, a unix-like file system, and process scheduling. Message to view.

Spring 2018

Equal Education

Javascript, React, RESTful API Design

IMDB inspired webapp that allows users to discover low income school districts in their area, connecting them to opportunities to donate their time, money, or materials via relevant charities.

Fall 2018

Hispanic Association of Computer Scientists

HTML, MaterializeCSS, Javascript
June 2018

Div Day Website

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript
February 2018

Automated Player Standings

API Usage, Python3
October 2017


University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science and Arts
Computer Science - Business Foundations Certification
Expected Graduation: May 2019

Udemy Courses

The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

Taken outside of class between semesters, I learned the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This was my jumping board to being able to create my own API's and websites.

Summer 2017


Programming Languages & Tools: Experienced


I love learning new things and solving problems. That love has happened to lead me down the path of software engineering, but I'm always ready to create solutions from a different perspective. I enjoy playing competitive games, playing pool, and enjoying life with my wonderful girlfriend Sabrina.

I spend much of my free time making more "work" for myself. This varies from efforts to bring equity in tech via diversity and inclusion efforts, volunteering locally, and expanding organization responsibilities.

Awards & Certifications

  • Business Foundations from McComb's School of Business
  • Aspire Awards: Dean's Choice Resilience Award
  • ACS Texas State Junior's 8-Ball Champion

Current Resumé